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La Ferriera Milani

Crafts and iron working, the service of Art


The Apuan Alps for centuries have been the subject of research in minerals, encouraging the development of an intense activity of mine, which was often for many communities of Versilia the main economic resource. 
Seravezza At the Museum of Work and popular traditions, set up to 'inside of the Medici Palace, devotes an entire section to the history of the ironworks Versilia. In the town of Camaiore, in particular, the Medici committed considerable resources to the mining, building workshops, foundries, workshops, furnaces, to the point that attract skilled "external" also from Tyrol, Saxony and Hungary. 
A tradition that the metallurgical sector that has never stopped: if most of the old ironworks of Versilia were transformed over time in sawmills, in Pomezzana, a small hamlet of Camaiore, survives an ancient and renowned craft. 
Moderns "ferrazzuoli," Renzo Milani and his sons continue the job or rather "art" of cutler.Now, as ever, realize the valuable tools of the trade for marble sculptors: chisels, chisel;, mallets accompanying the artist's work from the quarry to the laboratory. The same tools of all time, passed from the hands of Michelangelo to those of contemporary artists. 
The old forge, in the locality of the Pope's Grotto along the road to Pomezzana, is open to the public. A pleasant visit for all those who want to know what is behind the creation of a work of art. 
ironworks Within the time seems to have stopped. The electricity has obviously replaced hydraulic energy of the past, but part of the work can only be done even by hand, such as forging or notching of the teeth of the rasps obtained by a special chisel driven by the fast blows of a hammer. 
At an antique production is combined with an all new production of: surgical instruments, especially scalpel, which realizes the forge Milani for surgeons from all over Italy, but also in the world. 
(Article by 's APT Versilia )


D to Milani Pomezzana, in the municipality of Camaiore, time seems to stand still.

Ancient ironworks
Iron utensils

Entering the ancient ironworks we get excited,

like when you visit a cathedral with the monuments

that have been there for centuries. Here, after all,

has not changed almost nothing.

Maybe a little 'of technology has come, but it is marginal

if you think that all the work here is still old-fashioned and iron,

hot, bends beating on the anvil. 
Even the type of work that realizes the ironworks is not

much different. 

First of all tools of the trade for sculptors, and here's

how the ironworks

worked (and work) for marble: chisels, chisel;, mallets and all the utensils

need to masons from the quarry to the laboratory. 

But the ironworks is not limited to this. 

Looking through the tools we see that there are

also products of the scalpel, and so we find that many surgeons are accustomed to

being "pack" the working tools of the Ferrieri Pomezzana.

E 'in short, a world to discover this ancient ironworks,

related to the production of marble not only tools,

but also art. 
The art of carving, for example, as in Versilia

there are also bronze foundries. 
Ed it is the impressive marble abbianamento -

bronze characterizing Pietrasanta making it

a truly

unique artistic center. The city of art foundries,

has been chosen by the Colombian Fernando Botero ,


Casting of metals
Modern foundry

given to the

community of Pietrasanta

the prestigious monument to

the " Warrior ", obviously

made in a local foundry. 
's tribute was then "replicated" by another famous signature, that of Igor Mitoraj , who gave his " Centaur "in Pietrasanta. 
But among the artists who have found

in Versilia the ideal environment

to realize

their projects is the Japanese Kan Yasuda ,

but do not forget that as long as it was in life,

he worked here also Henry Moore .

Foundry work
It 'just in foundries, as happens in the laboratories of marble, that the project is transformed first into comp and then in the work itself. 
The sketch is basically the simulation will be built as a miniature work of art . To the Cloister of St. Augustine in Pietrasantayou can visit the Museum of Sketches , where you can admire the "models" of great works accomplished over the years by master craftsmen in foundries pietrasantine.

Pomodoro and Arnaldo Pomodoro , along with Kan Yasuda , are the characters that you encounter most frequently - especially on summer evenings - in the charming Piazza del Duomo. 
Meanwhile, the art of bronze and other metals also becomes the protagonist of the

tourist season. 

The visits to the foundries are becoming

increasingly popular, perhaps


visitors are interested in seeing what's

behind a work of art.

Moments of working in a foundry 
artistic di Pietrasanta.

In foundries of Pietrasanta is working to make the most beautiful places in the world. 
Thanks to the professionalism of the artisans, appreciated by artists and beyond.

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